Spencer Lane-Jones Ltd was established 26 years ago with the aim of providing the finest thoroughbred car restoration service to its customers. We wanted to combine the dedication of our highly skilled craftsmen with the best workshop facilities available, to achieve uncompromising levels of quality and attention to detail. We have achieved this and more.

Our philosophy is simple: owning a thoroughbred car that requires restoring to its original glory should be a joy from start to finish, whether it’s a full, ground-up restoration or a minor service. You can be fully involved with the work completed here and are welcome to visit at any time.

In fact, we actively encourage owners to visit our workshops while work is in progress – we want them to see precisely what we do, and be involved in the experience.

We are fortunate to have the Company founder, Spencer Lane-Jones, as our technical consultant within the team offering a lifetime’s experience of thoroughbred cars and possibly the best engineering knowledge of Bristol cars anywhere.