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Bristol Blenheim

Vehicle: Bristol Blenheim

A stunning Bristol Blenheim made its way down from North Yorkshire to our workshop in Warminster to continue the previous work done on the engine. Led by Nick, this project saw us undertake a wide range of work in order to return it to its former glory.

The work was broken down into the following projects:


  • Continue with engine installation process.  Fit power assisted steering pump, throttle body and starter. 
  • Send off alternator for modification (BAE) as existing alternator required modification in order to operate independently of ECU. 
  • Make up wiring loom for alternator, connect to alternator control box and fit alternator. 
  • Design and manufacture steel bracket for new ECU module mounting.  Modify existing ECU mounting to accept new bracketry.  Prime, paint and fit new mounting and secure ECU unit.
  • Connect brake vacuum pipework to servos.
  • Install new ECU.  Using information from specialists in USA commence ECU wiring connections. 
  • Make up throttle cable bracket, kick down cable bracket and parts for cruise control cable.  Prime and paint, fitting when complete. 
  • Check distributor and set.  Fit and secure plug leads.
  • Make up and trim overdrive inhibit switch mounting plate.
  • Manufacture T-piece for overdrive and transmission lock-up pressure switches.  Order and fit 1 x converter/lock up conversion kit.
  • Make up, prime and paint bracket for vacuum switch.
  • Source and install terminal block for gearbox and ECU connections.
  • Supply, wire and fit 1 x console-mounted overdrive inhibit switch.
  • Make up gear box wiring loom using original with additional wires for lock-up and overdrive pressure switches.


  • Conduct extended check starting process in order to get engine running.  Achieve oil pressure with spark plugs removed.  Refit plugs when oil pressure achieved.
  • Liaised with OMEX and Custom Power and Paint in order to ensure correct settings are applied and sequences followed.
  • Take car on trailer to OMEX specialist and fire up for the first time.  Following initial start, return car to workshop. 


  • Conduct service checks and tasks alongside engine installation.
  • Fit gearbox oil cooler pipework. 
  • Fit radiator, cooling system hoses and heater hoses.  Supply and fit:
    • 7’ 16mm heater hose
    •  8 x stainless jubilee clips
    • 14 pints anti-freeze.
  • Repair and re-hang off-side exhaust system.  Fit balance pipe.  Install and connect oxygen sensors.  Remove vacuum canister purge valve and relevant hoses.  Plug vacuum port.
  • Repair near side exhaust tail pipe.  Clean up flange and fit to car.  Supply and fit 4 x 2 1/4” exhaust clamps.
  • Top up engine using 3 pints Valvoline VR1 20W50 oil.
  • Top up gearbox oil.
  • Top up power steering reservoir.
  • Remove, repair and refit 1 x spark plug lead end.
  • Pressure test cooling system.  Identify leak in area of bottom hose.  Drain coolant and remove hose.  Find hose cracked.  Supply and fit:
    • 1 x Blenheim bottom hose
    • 2 x stainless jubilee clips.
  • Replenish coolant.
  • Evacuate, flush and re-charge air-conditioning system (Colder Air Refrigeration).


  • During early testing find wiper motor seized.  Removed glove box for access.  Remove wiper motor and partially strip.  Find internal gear stripped and motor wiring burnt.  Supply and fit 1 x wiper motor.
  • Refit motor to car, making all necessary connections.  Reinstate glove box, fittings and lower trim panel removed for access.  Test wipers – OK.
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