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Bristol 410

Vehicle: Bristol 410

This Bristol 410 made its way to the SLJ Ltd Workshop following a road accident. The team, led by Martin, was tasked with undertaking an insurance assessment and subsequently appointed to carry out the repairs to return it to its best. We worked with one of our close partners, Mitchell Motors Ltd who are body work specialists in order to complete the job to the highest specification and meet the needs of both the owner and the insurance firm.

The project covered two main parts, the assessment and then the actual repairs:


  • Inspect damage with Mitchell Motors Ltd and provide estimate to insurance firm
  • Remove lower front and under-bonnet slam panels to ease visual access to front suspension and lower chassis.
  • Accompany assessor during his visit and assist with his appraisal.


  • Remove creased bonnet.  Cut away forward part of front O/S wing panel. 
  • Remove front bumper.
  • Cut away lower front valence.
  • Remove radiator and grille panel.
  • Prepared forward edges of deformed front inner wings and straightned radiator and panel mounting parts.
  • Sourced and supplied:
    • 1 x good second-hand O/S front wing
    • 1 x good second-hand radiator grille frame
    • 1 x good second-hand bonnet panel.
  • Cut away forward part of N/S front wing.
  • Panel beat N/S panel to rough shape.  Fit up with remained of original wing and shape for best fit.
  • Repaired supplied O/S front wing and cut to fit existing O/S wing panel.  Shaped to fit.

The work was completed on time and to the standard required by the insurance company. The client is delighted to have the Bristol 410 back to its former glory.


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