Maintaining & restoring classic cars since 1987

What We Do

Nearly 30 years' experience of working with a wide variety of thoroughbred cars counts for a great deal. The team involved has always worked to the highest standards and whilst the Bristol marque will always remain a specialty, the fundamentals apply to virtually all other makes.

From the outset of any work the owner can be involved to a high degree. There is regular verbal and electronic dialogue along with written progress reports provided throughout the project. Photographs of work undertaken accompany reports and are available to illustrate issues in order to allow the owner to make informed decisions along the way. It is also possible routinely to speak to the mechanic working on your vehicle and to visit the workshop at any time to inspect progress and discuss options.

In the business since 1987

Whilst the team consists almost exclusively of long-serving mechanics, we have recently qualified an apprentice. All have many years' experience working with thoroughbred cars and are equally competent. This expertise provides considerable resilience within the team and minimises any potential project delays. Individuals also specialise, and whether it is engine, gearbox, transmission or suspension, it is covered.

The Company operates from a modern and well-equipped workshop. Specialist tools necessary for a number of operations on Bristol and Bristol-engined cars are held as are tools for a number of other marques. Most machining operations can be conducted in-house and mechanical parts re-manufacture is undertaken routinely.

Miles Toulson-Clarke

With an extensive business background and a great enthusiasm for thoroughbred cars, Miles acquired Spencer-Lane Jones Ltd in 2015, having been a customer for many years. He works closely with the team and is investing further in the business to extend its capabilities.

Peter Campbell

Peter joined the Spencer Lane-Jones Ltd team in 2010 and worked briefly alongside Spencer in Warminster before Spencer stepped aside. Managing the business has provided a fantastic opportunity to meet some really excellent people, both within and without the firm. Some of course doubt what he does daily actually counts as work but he finds it consuming.

Nick Cooper

Nick has been with us since April 1997. He is the second in command by virtue of his long service and encyclopaedic knowledge of thoroughbred cars generally and Bristol cars in particular. His particular forte is thinking problems through from first principles and applying logic to what seem impenetrable issues.

Rob Welch

Rob first joined Spencer in 1992 and is the Workshop Foreman.  His speciality area is chassis welding and suspension and he is very good indeed, routinely achieving standards that can make the manufacturer’s work appear amateur. He thoroughly enjoyed upgrading a Bristol 411 to Series 6 specification for a customer and was the project manager on a recent Touring-bodied Bristol 401 restoration.

Lee Keller

Lee is a long established and highly valued member of the team. His specialism is engine, gearbox and rear axle building. His standards are second to none and he is a master at precision machining. Having mastered technical drawing, he can design modifications to components or systems, draw them up, prototype them and produce the finished article.

Martin Boon

Martin has been with the team since 2004. In addition to his well-proven engineering skills, he has developed a real affinity with coachbuilding and paintwork, most recently transforming a smashed Bristol 410 front end into a car that looks as good new.

Sean Radbourne

Sean joined us on February 2015. In addition to his general mechanic and engineering skills, his specialism is in engine machining and building. Sean’s dream car to restore would be a Mk1 Jaguar Mike Hawthorn replica - it was an amazing car with some great modifications.

Ben Forey

Ben joined in June 2013 as an apprentice. He completed his apprenticeship in June 2016 and is now a fully-fledged member of the team. His favourite project to date was the task of assembling an AC Aceca to get it back on the road after a full overhaul\restoration of all mechanical components.

James Allen

James joined the firm in April 2017.  A committed petrol head, he has already amassed a significant amount of experience on the various Bristol models as well as some of the other marques passing through the Workshop.  When not at work he is an accomplished moto-cross rider and competes nationally.  In addition he has fully converted his Honda Civic for hill climbs and sprints, also he is also a qualified chef.


Geoff Bird

Bio coming soon...

Fiona Stafford

Fiona has recently retired from her main role in the Company and now looks after Marketing and Events, working from home, occasionally popping into the office.

Emma Toulson-Clarke

Bio coming soon...

Pauline Hume

Pauline has worked for the Company since 2014 and she provides part-time administrative support to the team. Her time at SL-J Ltd has awakened an interest in car design, although she’s yet to be convinced of the pleasure of driving! She has lived in the UK and Australia and worked full time in a range of enterprises.

Lynn Potter

Lynn has been working with the Company since 2008. She works hard to keep the public areas clean and tidy – a demanding task with so many around her keen to make as much mess as possible.